Where is Temu Based Out Of?

Temu is a pretty new online marketplace. People want to know where it comes from. This article talks about Temu’s home base and gives you easy-to-understand facts about it.

Temu’s Origin

What is Temu?

Temu is an online shopping platform. You can think of it like a big digital mall. It lets you buy lots of different things from your phone or computer.

Where Does Temu Come From?

Temu is part of a big company named PDD Holdings, which is really successful. PDD Holdings started in China and has become very popular.

Location of Temu

The Main Office

Temu’s main office is in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. This American city is where the team works to make Temu better.

Connection to China

Even though Temu’s office is in the US, it has a strong tie to China. That’s because its parent company is there. So, things from Temu might come from China.


Temu has roots in two places – America and China. Its team works in Boston, but it has a big link to its parent company in China. People all over can use Temu to shop for different items.

Remember, if you shop on Temu, your stuff might travel a long way to get to you! But now you know, Temu is based out of Boston, even though it has connections across the globe.

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