How to Fix Temu $15 Minimum Spending Issue

Temu is a popular shopping app that allows users to buy various items at attractive prices. However, there might be times when you come across the Temu $15 minimum spending issue. This means you need to have a cart value of at least $15 to proceed with your purchase. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re looking to buy something that costs less. But don’t worry, there are ways to bypass this requirement and still make the most out of your shopping experience. In this article, we’ll explore simple methods to fix the Temu $15 minimum spending issue.

Understanding the Minimum Spending Requirement

What is it?

The Temu $15 minimum spending requirement is a policy set by the app that requires users to have items totaling at least $15 in their shopping cart before they can proceed to checkout. This policy is commonplace in many online shopping platforms to ensure that the cost of processing the transaction is worthwhile for the company.

Why does it exist?

The main reason behind this policy is to cover shipping, handling, and processing costs. By setting a minimum spending limit, Temu ensures that it can maintain its profitability while offering goods at low prices.

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Strategies to Fix the Temu $15 Minimum Issue

  1. Group Your Purchases

Consolidate your orders: Instead of buying items one at a time, wait until you have a few things you need and buy them all at once. This will help you easily reach the $15 threshold.

  1. Add Low-Cost Items to Your Cart

Filler items: Find inexpensive items that you might need or want, like accessories, kitchen gadgets, or beauty products. Adding these to your cart can help you reach the minimum amount required for checkout.

  1. Check for Special Offers or Deals

Look for promotions: Temu often runs promotions or offers discounts on various items. Look out for these deals as they can help increase your cart value without spending too much extra money.

  1. Use Temu Vouchers or Promo Codes

Apply discounts: Keep an eye out for Temu vouchers or promo codes that you can apply to your purchase. These can significantly reduce your total or even waive the minimum spending requirement in some cases.

  1. Combine Orders with Friends or Family

Share your cart: If you or your friends find something you like but neither of you meets the minimum spending requirement alone, consider combining your orders. This way, you can both get what you want without the hassle of meeting the minimum spend individually.

  1. Explore the Temu App for Minimum-Free Options

Discover budget sections: Some sections of the Temu app might not require a minimum spend, like clearance or special sales areas. Explore the app thoroughly to find these gems.

Pros and Cons of the Minimum Spending Requirement


  • Economies of scale: This policy helps Temu keep prices low by ensuring that each order is cost-effective for the company to fulfill.
  • Encourages bulk buying: It promotes purchasing multiple items at once, which can be beneficial for both Temu and the customer in terms of value and shipping efficiency.


  • Inconvenient for small orders: If you only need one item, it might be frustrating to have to add more items to your cart just to meet the minimum spend.
  • Extra spend: Customers may end up spending more than they intended just to bypass the minimum spending requirement.


While the Temu $15 minimum spending requirement might seem like a hurdle, it’s possible to navigate it with some strategic planning. By grouping your purchases, adding low-cost items, looking out for special offers, using Temu vouchers or promo codes, combining orders with friends, or exploring the app for minimum-free options, you can easily overcome this issue. Remember, the goal of online shopping is to find the best deals without overspending, and with these tips, you can enjoy shopping on Temu while keeping your budget in check.

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