How to Get Rid of the $20 Minimum on Temu

Shopping online is very popular today, and one of the biggest names in this world is Temu. Temu is a site where you can find almost anything you want to buy, from clothes to gadgets and home goods. But, there’s one thing that might confuse or bother some shoppers: Temu’s $20 minimum purchase requirement. This means you have to buy at least $20 worth of items before you can place your order. So, how do you get around this? Let’s talk about ways to handle this $20 minimum and continue enjoying your shopping.

Understanding the $20 Minimum

First things first, why does Temu have a $20 minimum? This is mainly to ensure that every purchase covers the cost of shipping and handling, making it worth the effort for the company. For shoppers, this can be inconvenient, especially if you just need one small item. But don’t worry, there are tricks to bypass this limit.

Tips to Get Around the $20 Minimum

  1. Group Your Purchases

One of the simplest strategies is to wait until you have a few items you need before placing an order. This way, your total will easily reach or exceed $20, and you won’t have to buy things you don’t need just to meet the minimum.

  1. Combine Orders with Friends or Family

If you can’t reach the $20 minimum alone, consider teaming up with friends or family. This can be a great way to buy exactly what you need without exceeding your budget. Plus, it’s a fun way to shop together, even if you’re doing it online.

  1. Look for Special Offers or Discounts

Sometimes, Temu offers special deals that lower or remove the $20 minimum for a limited time. Keep an eye on the website or the app for any announcements regarding promotions or discounts that might benefit you.

  1. Use Temu Points or Coupons

If you’re a regular shopper on Temu, you might have accumulated points or coupons. These can sometimes be applied to reduce your overall purchase amount. Although it might not directly eliminate the $20 minimum, it can reduce the extra amount you have to spend to meet the requirement.

  1. Consider the Cost of Not Reaching $20

Sometimes, trying too hard to avoid the $20 minimum might not be worth it. Consider the cost of your time and the value of the item you need. If it’s something you really need or want, it might just be worth meeting the minimum instead of spending a lot of time trying to bypass it.

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Benefits of Embracing the $20 Minimum

More Value for Money

Meeting the minimum purchase requirement can actually give you more value for your money. By carefully planning your purchases, you can make sure you’re buying items you need, eventually saving money in the long run.

Encourages Mindful Shopping

Having to meet a minimum purchase amount encourages you to think more carefully about each purchase. This can lead to more mindful shopping habits, reducing impulse buys and ensuring you only get items that are truly necessary or desired.


While the $20 minimum on Temu might seem like an inconvenience at first, there are several strategies to manage or even take advantage of it. Whether you choose to group your purchases, combine orders with others, look out for special promotions, or use Temu points and coupons, you’ll find that with a little planning, you can continue to enjoy shopping on Temu without feeling pressured by the minimum purchase requirement. Remember, the key is to shop smartly – by maximizing the benefits and minimizing the inconveniences, you can make the most out of your Temu shopping experience.

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