How to Get Rid of $10 Minimum on Temu?

Are you frustrated because of the $10 minimum spending limitation on Temu? Worry no more! In this article, we will guide you on how to get rid of the $10 minimum requirement on Temu efficiently. Everyone loves shopping without limitations, and we’re here to help make that possible for you on Temu.

Understanding the $10 Minimum

First, let’s understand what the $10 minimum on Temu is all about. Temu, like many online shopping platforms, has certain policies in place to ensure profitability and manage logistics efficiently. The $10 minimum spending requirement means that you must have at least $10 worth of items in your cart before you can proceed to checkout. This might be bothersome for those wanting to make smaller purchases.

Why Does Temu Have a $10 Minimum?

Reasons Behind the Policy:

  • Cost Efficiency: Handling and shipping small orders can be less cost-effective for the company.
  • Encourages More Shopping: Temu hopes this policy nudges users to explore more products and possibly find more items they like.

How to Get Rid of the $10 Minimum on Temu

  1. Group Orders

Team up with Friends or Family: One easy workaround is combining your small orders with friends or family members’. This way, your total order exceeds the $10 limit, making you eligible for checkout.

  1. Look for Promotions or Coupons

Utilize Offers: Sometimes, Temu offers promotions or coupon codes that waive the minimum spending requirement. Keep an eye out for these special offers.

  1. Joining Membership Programs

Membership Benefits: If Temu offers a membership or VIP program, joining could potentially offer benefits like removing minimum spending requirements. Check if it’s cost-effective for your shopping habits.

  1. Adding Pre-order Items

Pre-order Strategy: Pre-order items usually count towards your cart total. If you’re just shy of the $10 limit, consider adding a pre-order item to make up the difference.

  1. Contacting Customer Service

Seek Assistance: If you’re having trouble with the minimum spending requirement and believe it’s an error or need an exception, reaching out to Temu’s customer service could prove helpful. Exceptional circumstances may lead to special accommodations.

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Alternatives to Bypassing the Minimum Spend Requirement

Shop Elsewhere

While not always ideal, looking for the item on another platform without a minimum spend requirement could be a solution, especially if you’re only interested in a specific product.

Wait and Save Items

If none of the above methods work for you, consider saving the items in your cart until you naturally find more things you need. This way, you meet the minimum requirement without unnecessary purchases.


The $10 minimum on Temu can be a hindrance for small purchases, but there are several strategies to bypass it. Whether through grouping orders, looking out for promotions, joining memberships, adding pre-order items, or contacting customer support, there’s usually a way around. Remember, the end goal of shopping should always be to purchase what you need or want most efficiently and economically possible. Happy shopping on Temu!

Keep these tips in mind next time you’re shopping on Temu and find yourself under the $10 minimum. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can enjoy your shopping experience without limitations.

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