How to Fix Temu Order Still in Transit

Have you placed an order on Temu and been waiting for it, but it just seems stuck and says “Still in Transit“? This can feel very frustrating. If you are wondering what you can do about it, you’re in the right place! In this article, we are going to outline some simple steps you can follow to fix this issue.

Understanding the Order Process

Before diving into the solutions, let’s understand the basic process of how an order reaches you.

  1. Placing an Order: It starts when you select an item on Temu and place an order for it.
  2. Processing: The seller prepares your item for shipment.
  3. Shipping: The order is handed over to the courier for delivery.
  4. In Transit: The courier is now moving your order to your address.
  5. Delivered: Your order has reached your doorsteps.

When your order is “Still in Transit,” it is in the third stage, where it has left the seller but has not yet arrived at your location.

Common Reasons for Delays

Before we fix the issue, let’s look at some common reasons why your Temu order might be delayed:

  • High Demand: Sometimes, there are more orders than the seller expected, which can cause delays.
  • Weather Conditions: Bad weather can slow down the shipping process.
  • Customs Hold: If your order is international, it might be held up at customs for inspection.
  • Courier Issues: There might be problems within the courier’s network, such as technical issues or staffing shortages.

Checking Order Status

The first thing you should do is check your Temu order status. This can typically be done through the Temu website or app.

  1. Log in to your Temu account.
  2. Go to the ‘My Orders’ section.
  3. Find the order in question and see the latest updates.

What to Do if Your Order Is Still in Transit

Be Patient

Often, the simplest solution is to just wait a bit longer. Couriers sometimes face unforeseen delays. If it has only been a short while past the estimated delivery time, give it a few more days.

Contact Customer Service

If waiting hasn’t helped, reach out to Temu’s customer service:

  1. Go to Temu and find the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Help’ section.
  2. Choose the option to contact a representative.
  3. Provide them with your order information and express your concern regarding the delay.

Reach Out to the Courier

Sometimes, contacting the courier directly can give you more detailed information:

  1. Find the tracking number in your order details.
  2. Go to the courier’s website and use their tracking tool.
  3. If needed, look for a customer service contact on the courier’s website and get in touch.

Check Local Postal Service

For international orders, once the package arrives in your country, it may be handed over to your local postal service. Check with them using the tracking number.

Use Social Media

Social media can be a helpful tool:

  1. Find Temu’s official social media pages.
  2. Send a message or post a polite inquiry regarding your order.
  3. This public approach can sometimes get faster responses.

Keep an Eye on Your Email

Check your email regularly for updates from Temu or the courier. Sometimes important notifications might end up in your spam folder.

Confirm Your Shipping Information

Make sure the address and contact information you provided are correct. If there was an error, contact Temu to update the information.

Avoid Future Delays

  • Order Early: If you need an item by a certain date, order it well in advance.
  • Check Reviews: Look at reviews of the seller for their shipping reliability.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with news that might indicate potential delays, like weather events or holidays.


If your Temu order is “Still in Transit,” don’t panic. Follow the steps given earlier: check the order status, be patient, contact customer support, and if needed, reach out to the courier. Keep an eye on your email for updates and try to stay informed about things that could affect shipping times in the future. Hopefully, your Temu order will arrive soon, and these tips will help you sort out any transit issues that come up in the future.

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