How to Find Shipping Information on Temu

When you shop online at Temu, one of the main things you might want to know is when and how you will get your order. This guide will help you find shipping information on Temu’s website easily. We’ll break this process down into simple steps.

Introduction to Temu

Temu is an online shopping platform where you can buy various products ranging from clothes and accessories to home goods and electronics. When you order something from Temu, the shipping information can be found in your order details or by checking the specific product page.

Creating an Account on Temu

Before you can order or track any items, you need to have an account on Temu.

Step 1: Visit the Temu website

Go to the Temu website by typing in your browser’s address bar.

Step 2: Sign up

Click on the ‘Sign up’ button, usually found at the top right of the homepage. Follow the instructions to create your account. You will need to provide some basic information like your email address or phone number.

How to Order from Temu

Step 1: Log into your account

Make sure you are logged in to your Temu account to begin shopping.

Step 2: Choose your items

Browse through the website and choose the items you want to buy. Click on each item to see more details like size, color, and price.

Step 3: Add to cart

Once you have decided on the items you want, add them to your cart by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Step 4: Checkout

After adding all your items to the cart, go to your cart and click the ‘Checkout’ button. Follow the instructions to complete your order.

Finding Shipping Information Before Ordering

To know when to expect your delivery before buying, you can check the shipping details on the product’s page.

Step 1: Select the product

Click on a product to view its details.

Step 2: Look for shipping details

On the product details page, scroll down to find shipping information. This section usually includes the expected shipping time and the cost of shipping.

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How to Check Shipping Information After Ordering

After you have placed your order, you can find the shipping information from your order details.

Step 1: Go to your account orders

Log in to your Temu account and go to your orders section.

Step 2: Select your order

Find the order you want to track and click on it to view more details.

Step 3: View shipping information

In the order details, you can see the shipping status and estimated delivery date. Some orders may also have a tracking number that you can use to see where your package is.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping on Temu

What if my order is late?

If your order hasn’t arrived by the delivery date, you can contact Temu’s customer service for help.

Can I change the shipping address after ordering?

Usually, once an order is processed, the shipping address cannot be changed. It’s best to confirm your shipping address before confirming your order.

Does Temu ship internationally?

Temu does offer international shipping, but shipping rates and times may vary depending on the destination.


Finding shipping information on Temu is straightforward. Whether you are looking at product details before buying or checking the delivery status after making a purchase, Temu provides all the necessary details on their platform. Make sure to check the estimated delivery dates and follow your order’s progress to receive your packages without any issues. Happy shopping!

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