Did Temu Get Rid of Wishlist?

TEMU did not get rid of the wishlist feature. It is still a part of their platform. The wishlist is an essential tool for users to save items they are interested in for later purchase or review.

What is a Wishlist?

A wishlist is like a list of gifts you might make before a birthday or holiday. Instead of writing it on paper, you put items from an online store into a special place. This place is called a “wishlist”. When you find something you like but aren’t ready to buy, you click a button and it saves to your wishlist.

Why is a Wishlist Important?

  • Saves Time: You don’t have to search again for items you liked.
  • Planning Purchases: Helps to think and plan before buying.
  • Tracking Prices: Sometimes, prices go down. Items on your wishlist show if the price has changed.
  • Sharing with Others: You can share your wishlist with friends or family. It’s like telling them what you want as a gift.

The Rumor: Did TEMU Remove the Wishlist Feature?

Some users thought that TEMU removed the wishlist feature. But, this is not true. Sometimes, the website or app updates, and things look different. Users might not find the wishlist at first. But it is still there.

If you can’t find your wishlist on TEMU:

  1. Check for updates of the app.
  2. Look for a heart icon or something similar.
  3. Contact customer service for help.

Keeping Your Wishlist Useful

You should manage your wishlist:

  • Remove Items: If you don’t want something anymore, take it off your list.
  • Check It Often: Look at your items regularly to make sure you still want them.
  • Watch for Deals: Sometimes, items on your wishlist go on sale.


In summary, TEMU still has the wishlist feature. It helps you keep track of things you like. If you have trouble finding it, make sure you have the latest version of the app, and you can always ask for help from the customer service. A wishlist makes shopping easier and more fun.

Remember to check your wishlist regularly and keep it up to date with items you love and might want to buy when you’re ready or when they go on sale. So, next time you hear someone asking, “Did TEMU get rid of wishlist?” you can confidently say, “No, they did not!” It’s a handy feature that many shoppers love to use.

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